In co-operation with us you can make a sensible contribution to the conservation of resources as well as the protection of the environment - without neglecting quality requirements and economical aspects - by recycling ferrous scrap as a raw material.
At our site in Salzgitter we operate a vertical drop work, two big shears and a metal shredder with a power of 1,800 kilowatt. These processing facilities combined with modern turn round equipment guarantee a continuously high throughput and meet our customer’s requirements. To facilitate the efficient use of ferrous scrap in the production of steel, we have developed the correct classification of incoming types of scrap as well as the qualified processing as our strength over many decades of experience.
Good co-operation with qualified suppliers as well as with companies having ferrous scrap available as a by-product of their production is a matter of course to us and will be further developed.
As we have several trading branches in Northern Germany we are always in reach of our local customers.    Being a subsidiary of the SALZGITTER Group, we prove our capability by supplying ferrous scrap to the steelworks in Peine and Salzgitter. Many steelworks and foundries in Germany and its neighbouring countries are regular customers of our company.
Well-established national and international business relationships as well as our know-how guarantee you as a customer of DEUMU the timely supply with ferrous scrap in the right qualities and quantities.