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 / DEUMU - a company of the SALZGITTER Group

DEUMU - a company of the SALZGITTER Group

DEUMU is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SALZGITTER Group, one of the leading steel technology groups in Europe. Within the corporate group we belong to the line of business "Plate / Selection Steel". With our 300 employees we obtain an annual turnover of about 721 million euros in 2013.For more than half a century we have gained experience in trading, processing and recycling of raw materials and have thus built up our competence. The main emphasis of our broad international business activities is on dealing with raw materials used in the production of steel: scrap metals, metals and alloys. Our broad range of activities is complemented by offering a range of services.

By converting scraps and waste into reusable materials we form an important part in the recycling process. The recycling of raw materials in an economically and ecologically sensible way, constantly poses new challenges to us. Regarding the recycling of your waste materials we are always at your disposal as an efficient and reliable partner. As a result of our competence and our commitment we offer you worldwide business relationships as well as services and production at our branches based in the heart of Europe. 


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