Shredding Plant

For crushing and segregation light sheet scrap.Driving power 1.800 kilowatt electric motor, 30 tons disc rotor, 16 hammer, repeats 650 RPM, two-stage dust removing and segregation plant.


Leimbach Shears
Shear force 1,250 tons, shear bed deviations 90 x 90 x 800 cm, feeding via chute, remote operation.

Henschel Shears
Shear force 1,100 tons, shear bed deviations 90 x 150 x 600 cm, feeding via lateral gate.

Baller press

For pressing light sheet scrap (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). Packet-format 40 x 40 cm, feeding via funnel, remote operation.

Mobile Units

Material handling using 10 mobile units, (operating weight 3,5 to 40 tons) as well as 2 overhead cranes.
In addition one skull cracker.